Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Hey everybody!

I have an announcement to make!

I'm so excited! My big alpha geek brother did the nicest thing for me. He bought me my own website.


Can you believe it?!

So I have moved all my stuff over there...you can go check it out!

All my posts in the future will be located on that site. You have the opportunity to make comments about them there too. Please do!

See you all on the new site.
posted by Murphy 1/29/2003

I eat a lot of microwave popcorn. I imagine a lot of people do.

I am also notoriously cheap. It burns me that i have to pay so much for all the packaging of microwave popcorn. I figured that there must be a way to make my own microwave popcorn.

I bought the actual kernels yesterday. I put them in a ziplock bag, leaving a little opening for steam to escape. I put it in the microwave and hit start.

I heard them pop! I was exited! but they weren't popping very much. Not a lot of popping going on.

I opened the microwave. The ziplock bag had melted onto the bottom. Nasty! So I had to get all the hot unpopped kernels out, and then scrape off the melted plastic.


Maybe I needed to use a paper bag.

OR MAYBE i needed to ask the internet how to do this.

I found THIS article.
Very interesting. This poor little science nerd decided to see which was the BEST popcorn brand. His criteria was just that the most kernels popped without burning.

I would be interested in a brand that tasted good, but perhaps that not easy to define scientifically.

He actually tried his own method of popping corn, using a paper bag. He soaked the kernels in water overnight to increase their water content. The water is apparently what the microwave uses to heat.

And it worked!

But he never saw the true genius of his experiment. He didn't realize the he could bypass the whole paying extra for the packaging and make his own homeame microwave popcorn.

I did find THIS recipe. It's a good guide for ratios and cook time.
posted by Murphy 1/29/2003

Monday, January 27, 2003

Well, today was a day of little import.

I wouldn't say no import. But the import i got was not really useful.

I was trying to import all the individual posts from this blog I love so much into another location. It would be so easy, just a little click and go.

But no. This was a day of little import.

It was much more a day of cut, paste, drag and drop.

I have found out a few things though. I have written a lot of content on this blog. If you took all the posts I have made and printed it out on a scroll, and then rolled that scroll out on the ground...

It would be a really long scroll!

The actual number of pages I managed to write on this site is

*drum roll*

one hundred and fifty two

I wish that i had more to say about it, but that about sums it up. That's a lot.

I may have more profound things to say about it tomorrow. But a day of clever leftclick/rightclick scroll and paste takes up a lot of brain power. Not so much left over for medidations.

stay tuned.
posted by Murphy 1/27/2003

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