Tuesday, June 25, 2002

In the aftermath of September 11th, there have been a lot of changes. President W. Bush created a position for Secretary of Homeland Security, and has taken some measures to take control of the situation.

I, like the whole world, am concerned about stopping further attacks and about finding the people who perpetrated the original attack.

but I am also nervous about what "Homeland Security" means. What freedoms will I have to sacrifice?

There are a lot of people who feel that W. Bush has gone too far. Some prominent activists and intellectuals got together to make a statement about it.

They call it "Not in Our Name."

I respect many of the people who have signed this document; people such as Gloria Steinem, Edward Said and others have done things that I admire. I would be inclined to listen carefully to what they have to say.


This document is filled with unsubstantiated claims and does not point to any action to resolve the problems.

Why would this group not be careful to substantiate claims about the abuses of authority in America? If it is a true accusation, it should be incredibly simple to include hard facts about one or two cases, to give good proof.

And if there is a problem, that they would like to bring to the attention of the American people, then they should either propose a solution or send out a call asking others for a solution. There is no way to treat the problem, nothing suggested in the wording of this document to give the reader a place to go. If there is a wrong being committed, by all means, let us band together to right it!

But no such path is suggested.

I do not know, after reading their complaint, whether it is valid or not.

I say, Shame on you! Get your facts straight!

You cannot be an activist if you have no plan of action.
posted by Murphy 6/25/2002

Sunday, June 23, 2002

You know, so much of understanding the world is putting it into the right context.

My world right now has to do with finding work. It's a hard job, looking for work. There are so many unknowns.

I hate unknowns. My favorite way to combat them is to take stock of the things I DO know.

For example, I know that I can get unemployment checks for a 6 month period. These checks are 330 bucks a week.

That equals out to 8.25 an hour...That is, if I were working 40 hours a week.

Interesting little mathematical fact, that 8.25 an hour.

It's more than minimum wage. But it's less than working at In'N'Out burger. They advertise at 9.25, starting.

But _I_ have ambitions. I want to get a GOOD job, right?

So I look harder. I have to find a job that uses my skills, and pays me what I'm worth.

That little phrase begs the question. "What I'm worth"

I'm worth what I'm paid. But I'm not paid at all. Or, I'm paid 8.25 an hour.

And they are gonna lay me off after 6 months.

posted by Murphy 6/23/2002

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